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Our Triple Oak Release

A product of the Canadian North

Our Triple Oak Release.

Bold &
smooth with a
unique spice.

Bearface Canadian whisky bottle

BEARFACE Triple Oak is a single grain Canadian whisky matured for seven years in ex-bourbon American oak barrels, then aged in French oak red wine casks and air-dried virgin Hungarian oak.

"When ready, we blend selected casks to create a bold, smooth, balanced whisky with incredible natural color, long complex flavor and a unique spice finish."

Andres Faustinelli, Master Blender

mighty oaks

BEARFACE Triple Oak is a demonstration of our whisky-making prowess.
Each cask delivers unique flavor, aroma and texture.

American Oak

Our single-grain Canadian whisky is aged for 7 years in ex-bourbon American oak barrels to impart notes of honey, butter and natural vanilla.

Tasting notes:
Honey, marzipan, crème brûlée, butter and natural vanilla.

French Oak

Three vintages of heavy-red, tight-grain, French oak casks are used to impart dry fruit notes of cranberry and pear, along with a rich Canadian red color.

Tasting notes:
Dry fruits and cranberry. Subtle flavors of saffron, balsamic, apricot and a hint of pear.

Hungarian Oak

After being air-dried for three years, our virgin Hungarian oak is toasted three ways. This imparts a unique spice with rye-like notes and a gentle smoke.

Tasting notes:
Spice, black cardamom, orange peel, mandarin, brown sugar and smoke.

Then, the skill of our Master Blender, creating that smoothness, balance, long complexity of flavor and gentle spice that we all love. Each year brings different nuances can ever be quite exactly the same, but exploring the subtleties that is part of the adventure. BEARFACE is made in the wild, not in a lab.

Our Trophy

Double Gold
Double Gold Medal San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2021

Best Canadian Whisky
International Whisky Competition 2019

International Wines & Spirits Competition 2019

Grain Whisky Category
World Whiskies Awards 2019

Grain Whisky Category
World Whiskies Awards 2019

Gold for Excellence
Canadian Whiskies Awards 2019

Best New Whisky
Canadian Whiskies Awards 2019

Outstanding Spirit
San Francisco World Spirit Awards 2019

Strongly Recommended
Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2019

"New-make spirits are like the ABCs, the individual letters of the alphabet. Ageing allows us to turn those letters into words and then blending is how we turn those words into stories."

Andres Faustinelli, Master Blender

The art
of blending

We source the best single-grain Canadian corn spirit for our whisky, but we see that liquid as just our blank canvas.

It’s what happens next that really matters. Elemental Ageing is the transformative process that we expose our whisky to in a variety of casks. That gives our Master Blender a palette of flavours to work with, to create delicious complexity and new bold expressions of BEARFACE.